I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately. Don’t get me wrong, fitness has been important to me for a long time, but with all the time I have to waste I’ve really gotten back into it. I’ve been hitting up the gym and walking for at least an hour most days.

I’ve also really gotten into good food. For weeks now the only breakfast/lunch (and it’s not really brunch because breakfast/lunch occurs around 1-3pm day depending) food I’ve been eating is fried eggs on avocado, cheese and toast. With the full knowledge that I will eventually lose interest in this delicious concoction, I sought to broaden my horizons. And I settled on protein pancakes.

I found a recipe I liked, bought some (admittedly budget) protein powder and went home pretty excited to cook these up the following morning. Only to realise I had neglected to buy the banana I needed.

So I summoned the energy to saddle up and go to the supermarket and buy one, single banana. And I was really embarrassed about it as I went to the (self serve) register. The bananas were like $2 a kilo, so this single banana was going to be so, so cheap. I nearly didn’t buy it because I felt so awkward. My unease ultimately forced me to buy two Cherry Ripe bars so that the total became a minutely more acceptable $2.65.

The irony of going to the shops for health reasons only to buy unnecessary chocolate was not lost  on me, I assure you.


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