The news is basically just someone saying ‘Good evening’, then giving you a list of reasons it’s not – Helpimstuckinreddit

When I go for an evening walk with my parents, they invariably begin discussing and ruminating on the happenings of the world. If you’re not already aware, everything is going to shit and we’re all fucked.

But these walks leave me tired. Not just physically, but mentally. Discussions about moving to Proxima B, the state of unrest in the Middle East, what would happen if the super volcano beneath Yellowstone was to blow and wipe out the USA. It’s exhausting, and it leaves me feeling empty and hopeless.

It feels conceited you know. To feel these things when I’m not in war torn Syria, or living on an island suffering directly from the climate change our politicians are wilfully ignoring. I’m just depressed and anxious and feeling maladjusted in a world that is so, so wrong.

Every day I’m on Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter reading sad stories, angry stories, outrageous stories, stories that are beyond belief and I’m fatigued. Maintaining my feminist outrage and carrying my sense of social justice only goes so far before there’s no emotion left to form a response.

Earlier today I read a story about a Port Jackson shark that ended up in a puddle some 20km away from the nearest beach. I am weirdly passionate about sharks. They are beautifully designed, incredibly smart and brilliant apex predators. They are also spectacularly misunderstood and callously destroyed by the millions for fins. I downloaded Ocearch’s Shark Tracker App and studiously update people (who don’t care) about my favourite sharks (both of which have been silent for more than a month. Sad face).

I didn’t even need to open the story from my newsfeed to know it was going to have a terrible ending. Because of course it did. What other possible ending could there be in a world like this? The shark died. Of course.

And it was the kind of story that gutted me, to be honest. That this small shark – either through being by-catch or illegal kept until it outgrew it’s tank – was just left there. Left there to die. What other outcome could there be for a shark in a rainwater puddle?

And I’m tired. I’m so, so tired of bad people and bed news. This is not a world I want to live in.




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