You know, I have never actually had a proper job interview. The last time I formerly read/practiced/did anything related to an official interview was in mid-high school. I’ve somehow managed to skate by in life – and I’ve had a myriad of jobs since even before we did that “employment” unit in school – without ever being interviewed.

So with an actual, real life interview coming at me this week, I find myself at a loss.

Nearly all of my job history has been horse related. These jobs don’t typically require a CV or resume, let alone a formal interview. The closest thing I’ve had to a job interview has been a meet and greet at which they’d already decided to give me the job – at least on probation.

With all this in mind, you can imagine my state of apprehension. I’ve found myself asking my parents what I should expect. Reading articles. Asking other family members. Talking to friends.

And suddenly I’m wishing I’d had the McDonald’s baptism of fire that so many other fifteen year old’s had. Because shit, those guys have been prepared for the life I am now – at long last – living.

And I’m wishing I’d paid attention to the teachers as they droned on about resumes and cover notes. Because I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time googling what I should write, how I should say it and what it all means.

And I’m wondering if I might be a little more relaxed if I’d taken on board the feedback I received from the mock job interviews we had that year. Because my mind is blank and my brain is laughing at me.

I understand that realistically, stuff from 2009 that we studied for roughly eight weeks is not something I’m going to have handy in memory. It was never reinforced, never dug out again in the months or years that followed. It’s simply gone. I also know that I would have hated working at Macca’s. No matter how enriching the experience of going through that process would have been.

It’s on me to be prepared. To be confident about myself and tell my anxiety to SHUT UP for the duration of the interview. I deserve this job just as much as any other candidate.

And if they’re still prepared to have me come in after the phone interview, then I must be in with a fighting chance.


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